Mining Inspection Drone Service

  • Accurate stock pile and cut/fill volume calculations
  • 3D terrain and contour maps for assessments and site planning
  • Progress tracking & site development planning survey
  • Asset, environmental & regulatory inspections
  • Available/historical data processing

Across the mining industry, drones give exceptional results by enabling greater data collection and enhancing safety and productivity. Drones’ usage in in mining have shown tremendous growth and have also added significant value to all mining projects. Drone intelligence has made an incomparable position in the mining industry.
Drone technology has addressed many challenges of day-to-day mining operations. Many mines minerals and metal companies have adopted UAV programs as an integral part of their operations. The list of drone benefits in mining applications is growing rapidly with the advancement of technology.

Normally, surveying and mapping of mineral landscapes is a time-consuming process. By employing drones and a drone pilot instead of a piloted plane, a mine can save around 90% of the cost per hour, and collect unlimited aerial data. The drone collected data includes fine measurements along with simultaneously capturing high end orthoimages.
We use advance software and tools for data/image processing. Our AI based inspection reports provide minute levels of details of operational parameters.

Consider the following benefits.

  • Safety
  • Inventory management
  • Time saving
  • Cost saving
  • Detailed inspection
  • High productivity
  • High quality inspection