Oil & Gas Pipeline Inspection and Monitoring Service

  • Oil and gas pipeline integrity inspection
  • Oil and gas pipeline leak detection inspection
  • Tank-farm, cooling, and prilling tower inspection
  • Pipeline overall health inspection report.
  • Upstream, midstream, and downstream pipeline inspection.
  • Visual inspection as well as thermal imaging inspection
  • Project progress & handover survey
  • Oil storage tank inspection in oil and gas industry

Utility pipeline network’ is one of the prime assets for any country and needs the utmost attention from human safety and economy viewpoints. Whether it is an Oil & Gas product pipeline or commodity water pipeline, all are crucial and the potential for failure impact is very high. Activities like PIM (Pipeline Integrity Management), LDC (Leak Detection & Control), CMC (Corrosion Monitoring & Control) are regular activities for safe and efficient pipeline operations. Due to vast distribution networks and varied terrain these pipelines often pass through and inspection activities have lot of challenges. Drone intelligence addresses these challenges accurately and safely.

We provide the service of collecting high fidelity data of pipeline assets so that utilities can catch more length & assets before failure and minimize catastrophic impacts We use advanced data processing solutions to quickly deliver results. Our AI based asset management & maintenance inspection reports provide minute details of abnormalities with severity levels and mention the maintenance recommendations.

Consider the following benefits.

  • Safety
  • Improved coverage
  • Time saving
  • Increased pipeline uptime
  • Optimized Planning
  • Enhanced asset life
  • Cost saving
  • Eco-friendly approach
  • High quality inspection