Solar Farm Inspection

  • Drone solar panel visual and thermal inspection
  • Drone aerial and engineering construction survey mapping
  • UAV Inspection of substation and transmission lines
  • Drone solar farm inspection
  • Solar panel inspection report

Asset Preventive Maintenance plays a key role in maintaining consistent production downtime and maintenance cost which greatly impact overall plant efficiency. Due to large area of solar farms, UAV technology has changed the operation for solar power generation. Drones are now key element of solar farm site engineering planning, solar panel site construction and installation along with the solar farm maintenance. Drones for solar panel inspections provide accurate results in a timely manner at a reduced cost versus doing manual inspections.

Our focus in the solar energy segment is to increase “generation efficiency”. Our strengths in the segment are in domain experience, UAV expertise and data processing. We use visual RGB and Thermal/IR inspections for solar panel farms. Our pool of experts ensures proper data and image collections, detailed analysis of captured data and images. We offer timely generation of reports with maintenance recommendations. You will receive details of deteriorated parts, dust accumulation, shadowed panels, line deterioration, joints and poles health etc. Apart from undertaking turn-key jobs like thermal inspection of solar panels, towers, and substations, we also provide data processing and analysis services for your existing data and images.

We can also provide a customized solution for any specific inspection and data collection needs like panels and rows alignment survey and poles health survey along with hard-to-reach panel areas and substation surveys etc.
Our inspection reports provide minute details of deficiencies with severity levels and mention the maintenance recommendations.

Consider the following benefits.

  • Cost Saving
  • High quality inspection
  • Time saving
  • High productivity